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I’ve been more and more busy these last few days so i had almost no time for crafting. Hopefully this phase will pass soon so i can free my brain of some ideas. I’m also thinking in making a couple of gifts this year as i am more confident with the perfection of my work 😀

Last Sunday i had a chance to visit my country house.

This is my peacock couple… He was kind enough to give me a bunch of wonderful feathers at the end of the summer. On the other hand, she’s very shy when he’s not around.

Peacock couple My pond its getting crowded… again!

Pond full of little fishAnd there’s still some flowers blooming near the pond which gave me the idea of making a huge 3D tatted flower… as if i needed more ideas lol

Flowers blooming

Also my home is prettier now as i decorated my Yule tree. This year’s theme is red, silver and black presents. The huge bow on top of the tree was made using this tutorial.

Yule tree 2012