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Hi all!

I started the year sick with a sore throat but I’m feeling better now. Well the throat was sore but not the hands, so i want to show a couple of projects that I’ve made.

The first project is a tatted jewellery box for Mr J.’s mother as a Yule gift plus birthday gift. It was very time consuming and my first try at starching (thanks to my aunt that taught me how to do it :)).


I put a little pink organza bag as lining but I couldn’t give the box empty so i made a little brooch. And yes Mr J.’s mom is addicted to pink!


Meanwhile I’ve finished the headpiece i showed off in this post but it didn’t worked out as i intended so now its a choker necklace 😀

Red choker necklace

I enjoyed so much making this pattern that i remade it again but this time in bracelet version.

Purple bracelet

I had this little metal connectors hanging around so i incorporated them into a new earring design. My mom already asked for the red ones 😛

Celtic triskele earrings

My latest creation its a bracelet based in a motif if found in this book by Tina Frauberger. I had to scale the pattern to work with a bigger thread (I used Lizbeth thread size 10) but I really like the elegance of the design.

Crowns bracelet

Finally, yesterday I had my last skirt sewing class, so expect more updates as soon as I finish hand sewing the hem 😛

See ya!!