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I decided to continue with my sewing workshops, this time with a dress.

I had this beautiful black fabric with black embroidery in my stash and thought a lot about using it or not. Considering I’m just a beginner the most probable thing is that I’m gonna mess up. But the skirt turned out ok so I decided to take a chance and choose the fancy fabric.

The pretty fabric for my dress

As well as the first skirt class, this first class was spent taking body measurements and making the pattern from scratch. So after 3 hours standing i finally got to the cutting part.

I’m cutting the fabric and… boom! I just realized I forgot the seam allowance of the center back. I stopped cutting just at the right time and repositioned the pattern to allow me to get a bit of seam allowance. Crisis avoided!

I didn’t had time to do all the markings during the class, so I finished them at home. As soon as i started the markings another problem arises… the right side of the fabric was backwards! Not as bad as the previous “almost” mistake but annoying none the less.

The moment i realized the right side was inside out

The moment i realized the right side of the fabric was backwards

Next step was the fitting and….. it fits! I almost couldn’t believe it! It’s still a bit big on the sides but the darts are well placed.

So tomorrow is my second class and I hope i don’t do any more mistakes like these 😛