Skirt Sewing Class 1



Today was the first sewing class of the skirt workshop 😀

So after taking my measurements, the teacher helped me make the pattern. From this pattern we can make any skirt design we want so i chose it to be an A-line skirt.

Next we started by laying out the pattern on the fabric, then cut it and marked the seams.

I know these photos aren’t very exciting but next class i’m going to do the fitting 😉

In the end, I’ve learned a few tricks (specially about pattern making) and got some nice zen time 😛

So little time, so many projects…


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Lately I’ve been busy with my job and with the deadline to finish it getting closer, i hardly have time to do bigger projects…

I’m still working on this headpiece but i can let you take a peek 😛

I’ve been finishing some half done lace projects in my off time but I’m getting more and more ideas for sewing projects. Now that the steampunk bug caught me, I’ve started to assemble a line of projects to do, some simple others not so simple…

So to aid me in those more adventurous projects, I’m going to do a skirt sewing workshop this Thursday!!! I’m so excited!!!

We are going to start by making the pattern ourselves and in the following weeks we will sew the skirt. I already have all the tools nicely packaged waiting for the first class.

So by Thursday i bet there will be news! 😛

Inspiration comes from everywhere!


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Hi all! How are you?

Today i went to Forum Fantástico, a portuguese convention about fantasy literature. It was a really fun day and i got really inspired by the atmosphere and the people.
I wore my tatted heart hairpins that i made for this year Valentine’s day.

Don’t mind the hair, it rained all day and my hair was awful >.<

Also in the convention, there was a panel about Steampunk. The boys and girls that presented it were dressed in theme with some lovely outfits that really caught my eye. I guess i like Steampunk too. 😛

So in the end, I wasn’t expecting to come home full of new crafting ideas. 😀

See you soon!