Silver star


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Hi all!

After a long hiatus I’m back again! 🙂 I’ve been away from the blog but not from tatting!

A while ago my mom asked me to make some brooches for her jackets and coats. I came up with the idea of using silver thread so she can wear it with almost everything.  And… voilá here is the new brooch!

silverstarcollagecopyRight now I’m making some earrings with the same thread and hopefully I’ll grab some photos tomorrow if the weather becomes more friendly 🙂

Dress sewing class: A new challenge


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I decided to continue with my sewing workshops, this time with a dress.

I had this beautiful black fabric with black embroidery in my stash and thought a lot about using it or not. Considering I’m just a beginner the most probable thing is that I’m gonna mess up. But the skirt turned out ok so I decided to take a chance and choose the fancy fabric.

The pretty fabric for my dress

As well as the first skirt class, this first class was spent taking body measurements and making the pattern from scratch. So after 3 hours standing i finally got to the cutting part.

I’m cutting the fabric and… boom! I just realized I forgot the seam allowance of the center back. I stopped cutting just at the right time and repositioned the pattern to allow me to get a bit of seam allowance. Crisis avoided!

I didn’t had time to do all the markings during the class, so I finished them at home. As soon as i started the markings another problem arises… the right side of the fabric was backwards! Not as bad as the previous “almost” mistake but annoying none the less.

The moment i realized the right side was inside out

The moment i realized the right side of the fabric was backwards

Next step was the fitting and….. it fits! I almost couldn’t believe it! It’s still a bit big on the sides but the darts are well placed.

So tomorrow is my second class and I hope i don’t do any more mistakes like these 😛

Skirt Sewing Class – C’est fini!


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Finally it’s done!! My first sewing project that feels like a proper garment that i can wear outside.

I went to lunch with Mr. J., and while we were still in his office he kindly took a photo of me wearing the skirt. 🙂

Next class i’m going to make a dress!! 😀

Tat it and see 2013


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Here I am again! 🙂

This time i want to tell you about this fun event hosted by Jane Eborall in the blog The event is tat-along of a new pattern created by Jane that she’s going to reveal a little bit every few days. They are already on day 4, but I managed to catch up. 😀

In the process, I already learned how to make 2 new techniques: the split chains and the Catherine Wheel joins. I’m looking forward to see what’s reserved for the next days.

I forgot to take a picture of day 1 but here’s what we have so far:


I have no idea of what i’m tatting which makes it even more fun. 😛

Tatting projects update


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Hi all!

I started the year sick with a sore throat but I’m feeling better now. Well the throat was sore but not the hands, so i want to show a couple of projects that I’ve made.

The first project is a tatted jewellery box for Mr J.’s mother as a Yule gift plus birthday gift. It was very time consuming and my first try at starching (thanks to my aunt that taught me how to do it :)).


I put a little pink organza bag as lining but I couldn’t give the box empty so i made a little brooch. And yes Mr J.’s mom is addicted to pink!


Meanwhile I’ve finished the headpiece i showed off in this post but it didn’t worked out as i intended so now its a choker necklace 😀

Red choker necklace

I enjoyed so much making this pattern that i remade it again but this time in bracelet version.

Purple bracelet

I had this little metal connectors hanging around so i incorporated them into a new earring design. My mom already asked for the red ones 😛

Celtic triskele earrings

My latest creation its a bracelet based in a motif if found in this book by Tina Frauberger. I had to scale the pattern to work with a bigger thread (I used Lizbeth thread size 10) but I really like the elegance of the design.

Crowns bracelet

Finally, yesterday I had my last skirt sewing class, so expect more updates as soon as I finish hand sewing the hem 😛

See ya!!

Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme : New Year’s Eve


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First of all… Happy New Year!!!

This is my first time participating in one of the Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Themes.

So this year, the new year’s eve party theme was bunnies, green and orange.
I don’t own anything orange so i just went with my usual black garments, a dark green bolero and dark green nails.  But i had to wear something that resembled bunnies in memory of my beloved Neninhas…

So I present you with my final project of 2012: Lady Gaga Bunny Ears!


I got the idea from this Behind the seams tutorial but in the end i just went my way (like usual!).

It was a very fun night with lots of laughs and happiness! The bunny ears were a success and i felt very proud when i found out that everyone though i had bought them ;).

Yule gifts


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Hi all! 🙂

This year’s Yule was great! We traveled for 5 hours to my aunt’s village but it was worth it. My cousins arrived almost at the same time as us and quickly the house became full. This Yule was also the first one i celebrated with my beloved Mr J. 🙂

So this year i decided to gift every girl with handmade jewellery. The challenge was that i only had two days to make all the gifts. So all the gifts had to be very simple to make or were assembled from my motif’s stash. In the end, i think that everyone enjoyed a simple but different gift.

Tatted hairpins

Tatted hairpins

Black and beige pendant

Black and beige pendant with crystals

Tatted brooches

Tatted brooches with pearls

Purple cameo pendant

Purple cameo pendant

Red rose brooch

Red rose brooch

See you soon! Happy Holidays!

Master’s Degree

Wohooooo!!! Finally i got my master’s degree in software engineering!

This Thursday instead of my usual sewing class i had my evaluation. It was a crazy day with lots of anxiety and nerves but in the end all went well and i got 18 values in a 0-20 scale. And Mr J, my other half, was there the whole time to support me. 🙂

Now i just need to finish my job’s project which its due next Thursday and i’m free to seriously craft again. 😛

Skirt Sewing Class 2 & Little Project


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Hi all!

Last Thursday was my 2nd sewing class, but i was so focused on my work that i forgot to take photos >.<

In this class i learned how to fit the pattern. I did all the new alterations and sew it. Next class ill cut and sew the lining and assemble it to the skirt. When its done i’ll show you how it fits me. 😉

I’m still very very busy but i fixed a big problem in my job’s project so i had a little time to craft. I did this little hairpins to my baby niece. The butterflies were made using this tutorial and the flowers are just 5 rings with a few picots.

Baby hair pins

I’m so glad i could create something, it really boosts my mood 🙂


A garden full of life


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I’ve been more and more busy these last few days so i had almost no time for crafting. Hopefully this phase will pass soon so i can free my brain of some ideas. I’m also thinking in making a couple of gifts this year as i am more confident with the perfection of my work 😀

Last Sunday i had a chance to visit my country house.

This is my peacock couple… He was kind enough to give me a bunch of wonderful feathers at the end of the summer. On the other hand, she’s very shy when he’s not around.

Peacock couple My pond its getting crowded… again!

Pond full of little fishAnd there’s still some flowers blooming near the pond which gave me the idea of making a huge 3D tatted flower… as if i needed more ideas lol

Flowers blooming

Also my home is prettier now as i decorated my Yule tree. This year’s theme is red, silver and black presents. The huge bow on top of the tree was made using this tutorial.

Yule tree 2012